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Music Classes And Programs:

After School Music School offers fun and enriching music classes and programs in Winnetka, CA, and throughout the San Fernando Valley. Our lessons are available for both children and adults, and we offer private, semi-private, and group classes at homes, schools, and youth organizations. If you or your child has a passion for music, call us and sign up for our lessons. As part of our affordable music enrichment programs, our students develop the skills to make the instrument of their choice a rewarding creative outlet. We offer instruction in:


  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Ukulele

  • Bass

After School Music Lessons In Winnetka, CA

During School and After School Classes Available

We personalize our lessons to suit the age and needs of each individual student. Available by the hour or half-hour, the lessons we provide are fun ways to learn to play an instrument, read music and perform with other musicians. In fact, we encourage jam sessions and recitals. For your convenience, we also offer Virtual Music Lessons using ZOOM, FACETIME and SKYPE.


Our Elementary During School Music Lessons are designed for students in kindergarten through middle school where we focus on the fundamentals of music, such as sound, dynamics, rhythm, movement, and group singing. Older students also receive lessons in music history, the different genres of music and music theory, as well.

Music Classes and Programs In Winnetka, CA

After School" and "School" Music Enrichment Programs


"After School Music Lessons" and "Ukes for Youth" are our two After School Music Enrichment Programs. Both programs teach students how to play an instrument (either: piano, guitar, ukulele or bass) and how to read music. Held on campus after school, After School Music Lesson tuition is usually paid by the parents and a percentage of the proceeds is offered back to the school as an exchange to cover the use of the campus facility. These music classes and programs usually contribute two school public recitals a year (Winter Break and Graduation) which can be used as great PR opportunities or possible fund-raising events for your school. New potential prospects for the school can be invited along with the student body, parents and friends! The PR and Fund Raising Value is incredible!  

These are "Win-Win" Programs for your School!

After School Music Lessons In Winnetka, CA

Private and Semi-private Small Group / VIRTUAL MUSIC LESSONS !

After School Music School now offers both Live and Virtual Music Lessons including: ZOOM, FACETIME and SKYPE! We're here to keep you safe and productive during any Covid outbreaks with our Virtual Lessons so you can remain in the comfort and safety at your home. We also offer Private & Semi-private Small Group Music Classes to all local students for Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Drums and Music Enrichment Classes to Local Home Schools. All after school music lessons and classes are custom created to fit the student's age, interest and needs. My music classes and programs are available to all ages at the Studio or in the comfort of any home located here in the San Fernando Valley or Virtually anywhere in the world! Tuition is paid per lesson or offered at a Monthly Discount (see Tuition Rates for details). Books, instruments and basic accessories are not included in the lesson cost and must be purchased by the student.

After School Music School Offers “Ukes For Youth In Winnetka, CA”

"Ukes for Youth"


Our after school ukulele lessons are our most popular enrichment program. Ukes for Youths is perfect for kids in second grade through middle school. The ukulele is a fun, economical, easy-to-use instrument that’s especially well-suited to introducing kids to melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Contact us today to sign up your child for this rewarding program.


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