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Tuition Rates:

Private Music Lessons: (For All Ages! Kids and Adults!)

(Music Lessons for Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Bass)

(Monthly Discounted Music Lessons:

(Based on 4 consecutive weeks, prepaid "At or Before" 1st Lesson or accrues $10 Late Fee)

*Note: No last minute canceling accepted. All missed "In Studio" lessons are forfeited if not made up in the same week.

          No make up classes for booked "In Home" lessons where student is not available at the booked arrival time.

In Studio:  (Hour Lessons:  $220 per 4 weeks) or (1/2 Hour Lessons:  $120 per 4 weeks)

In Home:  (Hour Lessons:  $260 per 4 weeks )     (1/2 Hour Lessons not available)

(Single Music Lessons may be scheduled based upon teacher availability)

In Studio:  $65 per Hour or $35 per 1/2  Hour

In Home:  $75 per Hour (1/2 Hour Lessons not available)

(*Note: Lesson Books are additional and "In Home" Price Quotes may vary due to Round Trip Travel Time)

Call or email for currently running "Promotional Specials!"

Semi-Private and Group Music Lessons:

Call or email for availability and a quote!

During School Music Enrichment Programs:

During School Music Enrichment Programs

(offered to Grades: K thru Middle School during school hours)

"After School Music Lessons" and "Ukes for Youth":

After School Music Lessons and Ukes for Youth

(offered to 2nd Grade thru Middle School after school on campus)

Call or email to discuss the options of these music programs or to set up a meeting

to get proper quotes based on your school's needs.




"Ukes for Youth" Program:

(Offered to 2nd Grade thru Middle School during and after school hours)               

Call or email to discuss the options of this music program to get a proper quote based on your school's needs.